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Our Expertise

Boosting MMA Federations to the Digital Age with our all-in-one solution

Management, Scheduling, Officiation

Our platform solves all issues Federations face in membership approval and management as well as event scheduling and approval.
On the officiation side, we offer an unparalleled electronic scoring system that encompasses every aspect of the job, from judging fights to Record Keeping (Timekeeping + Scorekeeping).

Common Language & Unit of Measurement

Our aim is to revolutionize MMA Judging by providing officials with a common language and unit of measurement.
By providing these stepping stones, we can increase precision in discussion and debate the sport in a deeper manner, leading to game-changing improvements.

The “Dashboard” app

Easy & Quick sign up for members, with minimal input from Federations.
Manage Members and Events with a few clicks.
Gain insights into your officials performances.

The “Judge” app

Make more informed decisions for longer, with MMAPP’s patented methodology.
Discuss scoring in a deeper manner.
Lifetime archive of your scoring.
Contribute to the improvement of MMA Judging.

The “RecordKeeper” app

All Timing duties done automatically.
Receive and calculate scores instantly.
Record fight events like never before.

Learn more about their features and benefits below

MMAPP features on iPhone


Dashboard App

Overview of Federation Affairs

Relevant information for everyday management viewable at a glance in the Overview screen.

Visual Reports with Actionable Insights

Gain a better understanding on judge scoring and the differences between your officials, to create a more cohesive team.

Easy Form Management and Sign-up process for all your members

Registering is as simple as filling out a form online, and managing them is even easier.

Intuitive Member Management

Easily view and filter your members, according to your needs to quickly drill down on what’s important.

International Database

Easily accessible foreign fighter profiles with competition eligibility allows Federations to approve athletes instantly, and athletes to travel abroad carefree.

Judge App


Personalized Fight Card

Even with last-minute changes, officials have their upcoming roles and fight rules at their fingertips.

Informed Decisions, for longer

With an analysis of their own evaluation of the fight provided immediately after each round, officials are able to make better decisions, with less pressure, and provide support for their scoring.

Instant Scorecard Submission

Once a decision has been made, officials can instantly submit their scores to the RecordKeeper for scorecard calculation and archival.

Deeper Scoring discussions and debates

With a consistent and coherent methodology, with common baselines, officials are able to discuss fight and techniques with precision never before possible.

Training Mode

Training mode offers officials the ability to create their own Fights, Improve their skills and share fight assessments with their colleagues.



Pre-filled in Information & Quick Edits

All event & fight information is pre-filled and accessible, and any last minute change can be easily accomplished and instantly shared with everyone.

Effortlessly record all relevant details

From reason for breaks or point deduction to submission types, everything is recorded, with no extra effort.

Automatic timing duties

Flawlessly perform all timing duties with a push of a button. Record Round time, Break Time, Breaks, Point Deductions and more.

Action Notifications

Get alerted when a task must be performed such as sounding the clack for the final 10s, or to remove corners from the cage.

Instant Score Delivery and Calculation

Never collect scores at the end of each round or fumble with a calculator. Scores are instantly received from judges and automatically calculated.
Learn more in our product page
Benefits for everyone else

Athletes, Coaches, Clubs and Promoters also benefit from using MMAPP

Choose your category below to find out how you stand to gain

Guarantees high-standard officials

Our Judge and RecordKeeper tools helps officials with their duties, mitigating errors and reducing fatigue, ensuring a higher-quality officiation for longer.

Consistency & Transparency

Our standardized methodology fosters discussion and consensus among judges, promoting consistency and transparency in fights, regardless of where you fight.

Athlete Profile

Sign up once, keep your documents up to date (with reminders of expiration dates) to remain affiliated. Access your profile anytime, anywhere, and have a lifetime archive of your career.

Get featured to Promoters

When registered to your Federation, you are automatically added to the country’s roster, at the disposal of all national promoters.


Our platform is 100% free to use for athletes (Federation fees still apply).

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