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MMAPP Methodology

A consistent and standardised unit of measurement for officiating MMA

The MMAPP Platform centres around our patented methodology, which provides officials worldwide with a consistent and coherent approach to assessing fights, according to the current rules of MMA.
Using only a mobile device, officials can record their train of thought, without any outside input, for every second of the fight and provide insights into their own evaluation immediately after the round.
This allows officials to make more informed decisions for longer.
By creating a standardised unit of measurement, we are able to get officials on the same page
and improve consistency in MMA Judging, whilst allowing judges to have a better recall of every fight.

MMA Referees

Designed for officials and their mobile devices

The “Judge” app is specifically designed for officials and their mobile devices.

It provides the tools to apply our methodology during a fight, submit scores to the RecordKeeper instantly, and offer personalised fight cards for each official.

Additionally, it allows judges to share their scorecards and graphs with each other and their Federations, allowing for a second-by-second analysis of each round.

Designed for officials performing Scorekeeping and Timekeeping duties

The “RecordKeeper” is our tool designed for officials performing Scorekeeping and Timekeeping duties.

Because it is capable of automating most of the responsibilities, we are able to combine the roles of Scorekeeper and Timekeeper into one, called the RecordKeeper.

Outperforming the roles when done individually, the RecordKeeper connects to the Judges, receives and calculates their score, and has outstanding timing capabilities, timing simultaneously Round Time, Breaks and In-between rounds, as well as important event logging, such as Reasons for Point deductions or Break duration.

At the end of fights, it provides a clear display of the winner for easy visualization, for quick dispatch to the speaker. Once completed, every detail is instantly delivered to the Federation dashboard.

Enables Federations to easily manage all affairs

The Dashboard is the component Federations interact with the most.
Here they will be able to visualize and manage every aspect of the sport.

The dashboard provides an intuitive interface that allows Federations to easily manage various topics, while offering easy-to-digest reports and analysis on the various affairs of the Federation, such as fights statistics and trends from a regulatory perspective, as well as insights into members.
Dashboard (Members)

A platform to seamlessly interact with your Federation

The Dashboard for Federation Members offers Athletes, Coaches, Clubs, and Promoters a simple platform to interact with your Federations, whether you're registering for the first time, or managing your membership and submitted documents.

You can also confirm your eligibility for competing in sanctioned events, view where you're scheduled to participate, as well as your career history.

Promoters can quickly submit applications for hosting events, view all athletes eligible to compete in their events, and any last-minute changes are quickly sent to all relevant participants (Federations, Officials, Athletes).


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